Onewheel Pint Adjustable Hyper Charger

Onewheel Pint Adjustable Hyper Charger

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Tired of being left behind on group rides because your board takes forever to charge? Ever been in a hurry to charge up because a friend calls and wants to go float right at that very moment? How about the case where you just want to charge up to about 80% to preserve battery life?

Sometimes you want to charge quickly at higher amps and sometimes you can let it charge over night on a slower healthier charge current. JW Batteries has you covered with our customizable variable XR charger.


  • Selectable charging currents, 1 amp, 2 amp, 3.5 amp
  • Selectable charging percentages, 80%, 90%, 100%
  • The highest trusted quality chargers on the market, these chargers last
  • Integrated cooling


  • 63v DC Output
  • 1 amp, 2 amp, 3.5 amp (selectable)
  • 227.5mm x 90mm x 56.5mm
  • 1.25 kg