JWXR - Onewheel XR Battery Upgrade

JWXR - Onewheel XR Battery Upgrade

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IMPORTANT: JW Batteries is in no way affiliated with Future Motion. Installation of our battery and/or chip will void your FM warranty. By purchasing a battery and/or chip you are assuming all liability.

Please note that it can take about 7-14 days before battery orders ship. We're dealing with supply delays at this time which hopefully will clear up here soon.

The JWXR is a battery upgrade for the Onewheel XR. 


  • 32-40+ mile range based off of 200 lb rider
  • Better torque characteristics
  • Less nose-diving since the top end of the charge will last longer
  • Stock charger will charge this battery in about 3 hours
  • Hyper charger will charge the battery in about 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • We use only the best authentic 3,500 mAh cells sourced in the USA
  • 15s3p configurations, that is 15 additional cells compared to a stock Onewheel battery
  • 567 watt hours of capacity (10.5 Ah x 54v)
  • 30 amps of continuous discharge allowing the full capacity of 567wh!
  • 54 nominal, 63.5 fully charged
  • 5.4 lbs.  (stock OW battery weighs 4 lbs.)
  • Manufactured with industrial level products and equipment.  
  • IMPORTANT:  This upgrade will not work on Onewheel hardware versions of 4211 and above. You will need the JWFFM Chip if you have hardware version 4211 and above and want to add this battery to your Onewheel. 
  • IMPORTANT:  Known to be working on 4210 and lower Onewheels that do not have 4150 firmware.  Please Note: If you have 4210 hardware with 4150 firmware you will need the JWFFM Chip in order for this battery to work correctly.  For compatibility information based on hardware go here
  • Constructed with commercial grade spot welder (sunstone), constructed with thick pure nickel plates to allow for efficient current draw, Kapton tape, fish paper, PVC wrapping, shock absorbing neoprene, balance connector strain relief.  We use very high end industrial grade equipment.
  • High quality spot welding


  • One small cut to remove a little piece of plastic in the battery housing.
  • No foam removal needed.
  • Swap back to the stock battery at any time.

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