JWFFM No Cut Chip
JWFFM No Cut Chip
JWFFM No Cut Chip

JWFFM No Cut Chip

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Buy a battery and get $50 off the No Cut Chip
Add the JWFFM Chip to your battery order and get $50 off a No Cut Chip with coupon code NOCUT

IMPORTANT: JW Batteries is in no way affiliated with Future Motion. Installation of our battery and/or chip will void your FM warranty. By purchasing a battery and/or chip you are assuming all liability.

Please Note: If a chip is purchased with a battery the wait is about 5 days due to battery build time.

General Description

Confirmed working in all hardware and firmware versions of the Pint and XR.

The JWFFM Chip allows Onewheel owners the freedom to upgrade their Onewheel XR or Onewheel Pint with extended range battery options and more!

Starting with Onewheel XR hardware version 4210 and above, extended range battery options on the Onewheel did not work correctly. The JWFFM chip improves your board performance by allowing for the installation of enhanced battery options like the JWXR or JW Pint battery in your Onewheel. With the JWFFM Chip all Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint boards can enjoy the benefits of extended range battery options. Say goodbye to range anxiety!

The JWFFM Chip does not stop at just allowing for extended range capabilities!

Do you have a newer Onewheel that does not allow for Vamp and Ride?
Just add the JWFFM chip to your board and you can V&R once again.

Do you wish your extended range battery would show the correct percentage battery remaining when you opened the Onewheel phone application?
Just put a JWFFM chip on your board and your battery percentage will now track correctly based on your installed batteries voltage.


What if I have the chip installed in my board, can I go back to stock?

  • Yes, at any point you can go back to a stock setup, just unplug the chip.

    Are there any discounts if I buy a JWXR and Chip

    • Yes, use the coupon code NOCUT to get $50 off your order

    Can JW Batteries add a chip to my board?

    • Yes, select the option from the dropdown and mail us your battery enclosure, see below for details.

    Does the chip have a warranty?

    • No, the purchaser assumes all liability and risk to themselves, the chip and their board during installation.


    • Click Here for a video going over the installation of the JWFFM chip.
    • Click Here for a video showing how to verify correct installation.
    • If you are wanting JW Batteries to do your installation please place your order selecting "I will have JW Batteries do my installation" and send your battery enclosure to our shop. Please package your battery enclosure in a heavy duty box with adequate protection and ship to JW Batteries, 900 Dragon St, Suite 150, Dallas TX, 75207.