JW Pint - Onewheel Pint Battery Upgrade

JW Pint - Onewheel Pint Battery Upgrade

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Please note that it can take about 7-14 days before battery orders ship. We're dealing with supply delays at this time which hopefully will clear up here soon.

The JW Pint battery is a replacement and upgrade of the Onewheel stock pint battery that will just about double your range! 

Some very minor battery housing modifications are needed, but the installation is easy enough for anyone to handle.  Just follow our video guides linked below.

  • Just about double the stock Pint range
  • 12-15 mile range based off 200 lb rider (ideal riding conditions)
  • 4.2 Amp Hours
  • 228 Watt Hours
  • Confirmed working with hardware 5314/Software Gemini 5050 and prior!
  • All firmware after Gemini 5050 will need the JWFFM chip addon to work correctly.

Follow this video for the Pint enclosure modifications needed to support the JW Pint Battery.

Follow this video for the JW Pint Battery Installation

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