JW Batteries Assembly Practices

Our battery packs are assembled using high quality tools and procedures by professionals. Each battery pack is designed, tested and inspected by an individual with a degree in engineering. Be careful, the battery pack assembly industry is full of hobbyists using low quality tools and practices that can not hold up in demanding situations. We back our products, and will not be happy until ALL of our customers are happy.

When it comes to spot welding there are really only two options, low quality spot welds using low quality spot welding machines and very high quality spot welds using very high quality machines.  There is no middle ground.  You either pay big money for quality assembly machines or a couple hundred dollars for low quality DIY hobby gear.

Companies such as Sunkko offer spot welders that cost roughly $200 and are often used by hobbyists to assemble DIY packs. These spot welders offer sub par results and are not capable of performing consistent high quality spot welds. Then there are companies like Sunstone that offer extremely high quality spot welding machines that produce consistent and reliable spot welds. Sunstone capacitive discharge welding machines and pneumatic weld heads reach into the tens of thousands of dollars for a reason!

When weld quality testing, welds done with a high quality machine like those made by Sunstone, show flagging.  Flagging is visible when pulling nickel from a cell, the nickel is flagged by portions of the nickel sticking to the cell and this is an indication of a high quality spot weld.

At JW Batteries we use Sunstone spot welders!  Here is a video of one of our spot welders in use.  Notice the flagging when pull tested.

When building battery packs it is important that serial cell connections are capable of delivering the high current demands of PEVs.  At JW Batteries we use a combination of copper and/or multiple layers of nickel across all of our serial cell connections.  This ensures high efficiency, reduced energy loss, longer cell life, and reduced heating.

JW Batteries assembles packs using high quality spot welding equipment, fish tape, kapton tape, PVC shrink, string tape, silicon wire strain relief, and our balance connectors are crimped correctly using the proper crimping tools that cost thousands of dollars.